Nor Cal Construction, Inc.

Green Building

solarpanels.jpgYou want a high-end classic home that stands the test of time, while preserving a world of many tomorrows. Luckily, you don't have to sacrifice either desire. Today, there are materials, technologies and processes available to help improve energy efficiency such as solar hot water and electric, geothermal heat and air, water collection for landscape irrigation and innovative insulation techniques that don't preclude the top-quality fit and finish you envision for your home.

Not sure what your options are? Don't worry, we'll guide you here too. We are continuously increasing our knowledge base and understanding of the various "green" materials and techniques so that we can offer you the most current options available. We can build your home to be a little more energy efficient up to completely off the grid depending on your needs and wants. Our goal is to be eco-conscious and build as green as possible given any budget and/or style constraints. We are becoming the preeminent in high-end custom green building and are constantly creating new ways to build classic traditional homes that are ecologically responsible.